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Head Hunting & Recruiting Management

Profiler specializes in professional head-hunting of senior level executives and technology experts, using techniques based on extensive technology and business knowledge and a large network of connections.


What We do

Professional head hunting

Meirav Bar-Lev leads and manages Profiler’s head-hunting and recruiting management services. With more than 20 years of experience in corporate human resources management:

Recruiting hundreds of engineers and scientists, managed pension, benefits, training and career development plans for hundreds of employees.

Why Our Clients Choose Us ?

We look at Head-Hunting recruiting method as an acquired special skill, and an art.

Our ability to approach, raise interest and differentiate our customer’s business has been proven quite unique over the years.

Therefore, choosing Profiler means getting the exact profile you need and choosing among three to four candidates, not dozens. Avoiding the unnecessary overhead filtering efforts.

We provide global head-hunting service, reaching potential candidates all over the globe.

Profiler’s services include:

#1 Professional Head-Hunting:

  • Targeted global recruiting of senior level executives by approaching non-active job seekers

#2 Outsourcing recruiting   management for companies:

  • Managing the entire recruiting operations in the company.
  • Choosing, instructing and directing recruiting contractors for various open positions.
  • Defining open position’s specifications and requirements
  • Professional HR Interviews
  • Publishing company’s open positions through different channels
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